At 55 Flooring, we know all about the different types of flooring options that are available today. Whether its bamboo flooring, wooden flooring, or even medallion tiles, we’ve installed it all. However, there is one flooring option that seems to reign supreme within the flooring market, and that’s tile. Tile flooring is practical because it’s easy to keep clean and maintain, but there are a few other benefits for going the tile route.

5 Benefits of Choosing Tile

  1. Overtime, carpeting develops holes and gets worn down and hardwood floors can become dented or warp. When you look at tile as a flooring option, its ideal for the high traffic areas in your home that the carpet and wood may not be able to withstand.
  2. Little Maintenance. Tile is an extremely easy flooring option to maintain. It doesn’t require any type of special cleaning and spills can easily be wiped up and dirt swept away. Every few years, you should get a sealant replacement on the tiles, but other than that, it doesn’t need any deep cleaning.
  3. Tile flooring works in any room in your house. It’s perfect for the bathroom and kitchen where moisture is always present. With wood flooring in the bathroom (although doable), improper ventilation will damage the wood and it will begin to warp and crack.
  4. Tons of Options. Tile flooring comes in so many different shapes and styles that it’s inevitable you’ll find the right tile for your home. At 55 Flooring, we often install our medallion tiles into the Orange County homes we furnish, but tile flooring can be designed in virtually any color, pattern, and shape.
  5. Easy Repair. Tile flooring is not only extremely easy to repair, but it’s also easy to install, all it requires is a steady hand and close attention to detail. If a tile cracks or chips, the entire floor does not need to be replaced. With carpeting, more often than not if there’s a damaged area, the rug needs to be completely pulled, but with tile flooring, that isn’t the case.

Interested in Tile Flooring?

At 55 Flooring, we primarily function throughout Orange County, California and have installed beautiful tile flooring into several Southern California homes. If you’re looking to change up the flooring within your home because you’re unsatisfied with the current, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to tell you about our pricing as well as our design and installation process.