Luxury vinyl flooring
is suitable for all households, including pets and children, because it is hard to damage and easy to clean. Buy a top-quality brand, and you won't need to replace your floor again for 25 years or more. 

55 Flooring brings a large selection of this popular floor covering to Anaheim, CA, and nearby areas.

Four layers 

The four layers that make up a luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or luxury vinyl tile (LVT) each have a function that ensures a new floor has a long lifespan. 

The backing layer supports the LVP flooring and protects it from wear, while the core layer protects the floor from damage when it is covered by water. Finally, the transparent wear layer shields the image layer from stains and abrasion. 

Wear layer

The wear layer determines the durability of the luxury vinyl flooring. Once this surface layer becomes worn down, the image layer becomes damaged, and it is time for the floor to be replaced. 

Invest in high-quality LVT or LVP flooring with a 20-mil wear layer, especially for high traffic areas, and the floor will maintain its attractive appearance for many years.

Core layer

Wood-look LVP flooring and stone, ceramic, and wood-look LVT flooring are waterproof when made with a wood-plastic composite (WPC) core or a stone plastic composite (SPC) core. 

The former is made of wood flour and is most often used in residential applications, while the latter is made of limestone and is usually used in commercial applications.

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