Although installing hardwood flooring in your home is more expensive than carpet, it pays off more in the long run. Hardwood floors, while being the oldest type of flooring material, never lose their style because of all the different types of wood available. Many homeowners immediately jump to installing carpet, and although it is the less expensive option, when it becomes too damaged, you have to replace it rather than simply repair it like you can with hardwood.

4 Benefits of Installing Hardwood Flooring

  • Very low maintenance.
  • The more ecological choice.
  • Excellent esthetic.
  • Clean and safe.

Carpet collects all types of pollen, dirt, and grime over the years, regardless of how many times you clean it. When you install carpet and need to get a deep clean, you most likely will have to call professionals to get out everything that’s been collecting over time, but with hardwood flooring, all you need is to mop it.

It’s very rare to have to replace a hardwood floors even if they get damaged, scratched or dented in the high traffic areas of your home because they can be sanded down and refinished. Although hardwood flooring, as mentioned, is a larger expense than carpeting, it increases the overall value of your home in the long run which is also another huge payoff.