Porcelain tile is a great flooring material. Not only is it durable, but it also brings cool comfort to homes in warm climates. It's available in many styles, including those that mimic the look of other flooring materials. Many homeowners like a wood-look style that combines the sophisticated appearance of hardwood with the practicality of porcelain tile. For the best tile in Anaheim, CA, stop by our showroom. 

Ceramic vs. porcelain tile

Ceramic tile
tends to be simple in design and color. Standard sizes are the norm. Ceramic tile is best for low- or medium-traffic spaces and is made from coarse clay. Only glazed ceramic repels water. 

Porcelain, a type of ceramic, is naturally waterproof. Made of refined clay, porcelain tile is fired in a kiln at a higher temperature than ceramic. It's the most vital type of tile available. Colors, sizes, and designs are numerous. You can expect porcelain tile floors to last many decades.   

Wood-look styles

While this floor covering is a tile material, many styles mimic the length and width of typical hardwood planks. Other types are rectangular but petite, ideal for layout patterns like chevron or herringbone. Textured styles mimic wood grain. Finishes on tile floors range from matte to polished. 

Tile floors are perfect in every room

Be sure to consider tile flooring for more than traditional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Wood-look tile, in particular, is perfect for family rooms and bedrooms. 

Professional installation

It takes great skill to cut and lay porcelain tile. Family-owned 55 Flooring, in business for over 25 years, boasts an experienced installation team. In addition to residential and commercial installation, we offer shower and countertop installation and design consultation services. 

55 Flooring provides a large selection of tile in Anaheim, CA

We carry tile from companies like Dal-Tile and American Olean and provide services to Orange County, CA, including Anaheim, Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin Ranch, and surrounds. Please browse our online catalog, then stop by our showroom in Anaheim, CA, to begin your tile floor upgrade today.