If the kitchen cabinets are the room's star, countertops are the strong supporting player! They need to be highly functional, with plenty of storage and space to prepare food. They also must be highly stylish, especially since they often become the room's focal point.

Here are some of the most popular options.

Stone: elegant, functional and value-adding

There are many stone materials, but quartz and granite countertops are two of the most popular. But, of course, you can also get other stones, such as limestone, marble, soapstone, and slate.

About quartz countertops

Quartz, when it becomes a counter, is really “quartzite.” This is because Mother Nature has gotten a little help to bring it all up to modern conveniences.

Less than 10% of resin is added, which makes them ultra strong, non-porous, hygienic, and easy to clean. They have all the same beauty of natural quartz countertops with that almost three-dimensional sheen and speckled color variation.

Granite: known as the “hardest rock”

Granite countertops are for you, especially if you have the "dropsies" or use many hot appliances. This stone is elegant, strong, and heat-resistant. When sealed, it also becomes non-porous.

Other non-stone counter materials include:

Laminate and tile are affordable and come in many styles and patterns. In addition, tile has an additional design option in that it is made to look like anything, including wood and stone.

Other materials include solid surfacing, butcher block, concrete, stainless steel, and glass.

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