Yes, it is --that gives you the ultimate peace of mind. Waterproof flooring can handle significant floods and leaks to minor spills and drops.

It doesn’t matter how much water there is. Or for how long it’s been there. You can leave your home for weeks or months, knowing the floors won’t be damaged by water.

Waterproof vs. water-resistant flooring

Before we tell you about the specialization, we want you to understand what you are getting. Waterproof means just that; it is impervious to liquid.

Products like these are made from 100% waterproof materials, making the capability inherent. Also referred to as waterproof vinyl flooring, this has no special coatings or other features to help it.

Water-resistant means the product will repel liquid for a short time. It needs to be wiped immediately, however, or it will break through, soak and stain.

Engineered for the highest level of moisture protection

This flooring is luxury vinyl engineered. The result is a thicker, more durable product that withstands the heaviest wear.

Because they are a version of luxury vinyl, they have all the same style with wood, stone, and tile looks. You’ll see products from Country Wood Flooring and more when shopping for waterproof floors in Anaheim, CA.

WPC and SPC cores

These are two technologically advanced cores that won't peel or ripple ever. In addition, this waterproof flooring offers the same high moisture protection level and are graded for commercial use.

The feeling underfoot is different, however. SPC (stone plastic composite) is solid and firm, like a hard surface. WPC (wood plastic composite) is more flexible, like a resilient product.

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