Glazed ceramic and porcelain, natural stone, and glass are the most popular tile choices for shower walls. 3D wall tiles add texture, and since they come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, they are arranged in countless combinations.
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1. Lots of grout ‘equals’ a safe floor

Mosaics are best for shower floor tiles because they have a lot of grout between them, providing an anti-slip surface to stand on. Slip-resistant ceramic or porcelain mosaic bathroom tile or natural stone mosaic tile with a honed finish are good options.

As with any tile floor, you can add visual interest by placing shower floor tiles in an appealing layout pattern.

2. Shower walls with less grout are tidier

Because a minimalist design works well in a bathroom, large format tiles are a good choice for your shower walls, especially since you'll have fewer grout seam lines to clean.

Subway tiles, found in more than the traditional 3-inch by 6-inch size, are another excellent choice. Remember that darker grout makes dirt less visible regardless of your tile style.

3. Matte or glossy - choose the style that matches your decor theme

Shower tiles can be matte or glossy, and each type enhances different room decor. Matte tiles are:

● Usually textured, which makes floor tiles slip-resistant.
● Subtle in color, which promotes a relaxed, peaceful, and cozy ambiance.
● Available in many wood look and stone look styles that promote a natural appearance.
In contrast, glossy tiles:
● Create an illusion of space that makes a small room appear larger.
● Produce a highly polished look and feel that is dramatic and attention-capturing.
● Have a reflective surface that brightens a space to create a vibrant, energetic atmosphere.

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