The countertop
is one of the essential elements of a kitchen because it has to be both aesthetic and functional. It's a work area, so there needs to be plenty of space, adequate storage, easy cleanability, and the ability to withstand a lot of punishment. Highly visible, the counter often becomes a significant design component and focal point. What you select is essential, so talk to our experts when shopping for kitchen countertops in Anaheim, CA.

Quartz countertops: the reigning king

These kitchen countertops are engineered with about 10% of resins and other materials, including crushed ceramics and glass. The result is a hard counter material with the natural luster of the stone. It is so durable and heat-resistant that it withstands virtually anything. In addition, quartz countertops are non-porous, making them ultra-hygienic and easy to clean.

Other hot trends include:

1. Butcher block: This is a classic and, once again, it's rising in popularity. Available in light or dark wood tones, this can fit into either a traditional or modern atmosphere. In addition, it's low maintenance, only requiring an occasional coat of mineral oil to keep its fresh appearance.

2. Concrete. With the advent of the industrial-chic style, this bold material adds uniqueness, texture and brings durability and low maintenance to the kitchen.

3. Honed finishes. This is also sometimes referred to as a matte finish because there's little or no shine. Instead, the surface is flat and smooth, with a somewhat soft feeling. It adds a sophisticated, modern design to granite countertops or a quartz or marble one and hides marks and scratches.

Other trends include waterfall islands, where the counter flows from the top to the floor; veins and patterns in bold colors; soft, neutral colors; contrasting hues that also harmonize with cabinets and counters and, of course, green, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials.

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