The grandest homes have showcased hardwood floors for hundreds of years. As we know it today, this prized floor covering became available to all consumers at the turn of the twentieth century. The machine that turned wooden planks into floorboards had just been invented. This tongue and groove hardwood flooring was an instant 'hit,' and its popularity has never waned. Today, 55 Flooring, a flooring company in Anaheim, CA, offers the same high-quality wood flooring that has been popular throughout the years.

Nail-down installation

Tongue and groove hardwood floorboards, which have tongues and grooves on all four sides, fit together like puzzle pieces. Usually, boards are nailed down using the 'blind nailing' method, which hides the nail holes. This type of floor features tight seams, and thus, a minimum amount of nails are needed. Unfinished boards are well-sealed after they are installed, sanded, and stained on-site. This is particularly desirable for wood floors that are installed in kitchens.

Glue-down installation

Not all tongue and groove hardwood flooring is nailed down. Boards can be glued to the subfloor as well. Because of glue elasticity, a floor can expand and contract naturally with the changing seasons. Glue must be trowelled when this method of wood floor installation is used, so more intensive labor is required. Be aware that tongue and groove floors can't be easily disassembled. If attempted, significant damage can be expected.

Family-owned 55 Flooring boasts an experienced team of installers who excel at hardwood flooring installation. Additional services include shower and countertop installation and design consultation. In-home flooring measurement is free. We bring our premium quality products and services to Orange County, California, including Anaheim, Newport Beach, Irvine, Tustin Ranch, and surrounds. We’ve been part of the flooring industry for over 25 years. We are happy to use our experience to make your wood flooring upgrade a success.