When you walk into our tile store in Anaheim, CA, you’ll be astounded at the wide variety of floor and walls tiles. The sheer number of colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes, not to mention names like porcelain and ceramic, will make your head spin. We’ll help you sort it out in this blog post.

Is porcelain tile the same as Italian porcelana?

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic. It’s associated with the cache of Italian porcelana and fine china. It has an almost translucent pearl-like quality, but make no mistake: It’s a strong tile.

Porcelain is made of a completely non-porous clay called Kaolin, and it’s fired at higher temperatures than most other ceramics. This makes it heavier, denser, and best for tile floors in busy rooms like the kitchen. Completely waterproof, this can be used outside. A "through body" tile, the color is baked through, so it won’t be noticeable if you chip it.

Porcelain is a large format and available in an almost unlimited number of colors and patterns. It can be made to look like anything, from wood to stone and fabric to leather. It can also be used on walls, and tub/shower surrounds.

The many faces of ceramic tiles

They can all be used indoors, on floors, walls, and tub/shower surrounds. Be mindful that floor tiles are thicker wall tiles, and some floor tiles are better for heavier foot traffic than others. Be sure to check the box and speak in detail with your tile retailer.

Ceramics include the 4 X 4 glazed or unglazed squares, mosaics, used often for floor or wall decoration, and the reddish-brown terracottas. Subway tiles, the 3 X 6 rectangles usually used for backsplash designs, can be used on floors as long as they're indoor in low foot traffic ones.

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